Hotel Investments

UK Hotel Investments

This innovative investment entitles leaseholders to a share of not only the income derived from room lets but can also offer a proportion of the hotels bar, conferencing and restaurant takings which provides on average a 10% yield per annum. The hotels are managed by global brands giving investors a higher degree of securityl. Visit the SoFi and find out if this is the investment for you.

UK Property Schemes

Investments page UK Bonds

These investment vehicles give indirect access to the UK property market, lowering the risk of a one off purchase by either distributing funds through a portfolio of properties managed by professionals or through Joint Ventures with a UK home builder. Fixed rate of returns from 12 months to 5 year. Fully managed and SIPP approved.

Student Accommodation Investments

UK Student Accommodation Investments

This growing investment market enables investors to purchase units aimed at the student market at low entry levels. Not only are investors able to achieve up to 14.5% net yields per annum but also benefit from a growing market that has rarely been available to the average investor.

US Property Investments

Below market value properties in Florida that have been fully refurbished and have guaranteed tenants with net yields of up to 14% per annum are compelling reasons for investment. Alternatively have a look at our complete armchair investment of US property bonds with various terms and yields, from a minimum of 5 year terms and yields up to a maximum of 18% per annum.

Care Home Investments

Care Home Investment Page Image

Care homes are responding to increased market demand due mainly to an ageing population. The sector has also come under the spotlight from investors searching for non cyclical investments with real growth prospects. Care homes can offer attractive returns in a depressed market with yields as high as 13.4% per annum.

Storage Investments

UK Self Storage Investments

Our Self Storage Investment Pods offer affordable entry levels with returns of 108% ROI within 6 months and an assured 8% return per year . This sector has grown from strength to strength and there are now more than 750 self storage facilities in the UK alone.

UK Land Investment

UK Land Investment

Developable land in the UK is a prime commodity and with the Governments pledge to deal with the housing shortage our UK Site is situated in an area that has been earmarked for 3000 new homes to be built. Our land site was bought from the Highways Agency and is the only site in the UK with a 50% profit share with the UK Government available to investors.

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