Terms and Conditions for Care Homes

Landmark Developments (LDAG) requests that you spend some time familiarising yourself with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions below.  Any use of this website is subject to these Terms and Conditions and the access to any page of this website suggests you are in agreement with and bound by them.  If you do not agree to any point held within these Terms and Conditions, you should immediately cease to use the website and any services offered.  These Terms and Conditions are stand alone and relate solely to the LDAG website and are separate to any Terms and Conditions or Contracts relating to real estate opportunities featured within the website.  LDAG reserves the right to change or update these Terms and Conditions at any time and with no notice and states it is your individual responsibility to revisit these Terms and Conditions periodically to check for changes or updates.  All revised or amended terms will be effective from date of posting.

Intellectual Property Rights The LDAG website and any content or services either provided on or through the website are protected by copyright or trademark.  Any downloadable material remains the property of LDAG and you acknowledge that by accessing or downloading the material, you do not have any rights or ownership of said material.  If you reproduce the content of the webpage by printing, copying or storing pages, any copyright or trademark or other intellectual property right notifications which are present in the original content must also be reproduced. None of the trademarks, logos or names contained in this website are to be used without the express consent of LDAG and all rights to trademarks, names or logos registered or unregistered, are reserved. You agree to make use of any content, material or information contained within this website or any services offered through the website in a lawful manner and for lawful purposes which comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Information Contained on the LDAG website The website may contain details on investment opportunities, including but not limited to; properties, land, US Property Bonds or storage units.  These investments shall be available from a third party and information may be provided regarding the required purchase amount or investment level, the investment details and any potential return connected with the investment. Any property, land, US Property Bonds or storage unit details provided by LDAG are reliant upon third party information originating from sellers or agents, and LDAG does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information provided and accepts no liability for any information or advice given in this website.  Any financial information provided is speculative in nature. LDAG is not a regulated or FSA licensed investment or financial adviser.  All information provided either within the website, by telephone or via email/letter should be regarded as general information on property or investment matters and never viewed or treated as offering advice or recommendations. If you choose to rely on information gathered from this website and said reliance could result in a change to your financial or legal position, LDAG urges you to exhibit the care and caution you would normally use when making a financial investment.  Verification of any information and independent legal and financial assessments of any potential investment prior to commitment to said investment is strongly advised. Please note:  The price and value of any investment can decrease as well as increase which could result in your receiving back less than the original investment amount. If you are in doubt about any information contained within this website or a course of action in connection with the investments presented, you should seek independent advice from a financial or legal representative. Project Details featured on the website LDAG may present you with details of properties, land, US Property Bonds or storage units originating from third party sources, which are available for purchase through the website, by e-mail, postal mail, telephone or other means. All property data provided including plans, designs, specifications, particulars, or images will have been provided by third parties and are to be used as a general guide.  The seller of the project is free, at any time and with no prior notice, to alter any of the project details listed above. In the event of an “off plan” property investment, the seller retains the right to change the plans, designs, specifications, particulars, or images of the property with no prior notice.  Said documents may be available for inspection by appointment only at the development site or regional sales office of the seller. Every care will be taken to inform you of any changes to the above documents but it is your individual responsibility to ensure you have access to the current version of each document prior to agreeing to the purchase of a property, land or storage unit and to request details of any changes to the property, land or storage unit especially if it is in the process of being built.  Property Purchase LDAG does not collect any client funds either for reservation, deposit or full purchase price for any property featured on the website.  All funds are paid either directly to the Seller or to their legal representative.  All property transactions are subject to time limitations which will be clearly outlined for each individual project. A reservation fee or deposit will be required to “hold” a property for you.  This fee will be due within a short time period from the reservation form being submitted to the seller or their legal representative.  The “hold” period for the property is purely to provide time for a legally binding contract to be entered into between yourself and the seller.  A reasonable time period for exchange of contracts will be offered and typically consists of 28 days from the receipt of the reservation form. Some reservation/deposit fees may be subject to a time limitation which will result in the loss of the fee if a signed contract or requested documentation needed to complete the transaction are not received from you, the buyer, within the designated timeframe.  LDAG cannot be held liable for loss of a non refundable deposit in such circumstances. Liability Any use of this website and all materials contained within is done so at your own risk.  By continuing to use the website you are agreeing that under no circumstances shall LDAG be liable to you, including and without limitation, any situation that results in a loss of profit or any other damage either directly or indirectly resulting from the use of this website or any of the contents. Whilst every reasonable care has been taken in compiling this website to ensure accuracy, neither LDAG, its members, officers or employees accept liability or responsibility for its contents or the accuracy of said contents. All information featured on the website is for information purposes only and has not been tailored to meet any particular user’s needs.  Forward-looking statements may be included throughout the website which are based on our current opinions, expectations or projections.  No obligation is undertaken by us to review or update any such forward-looking statements.  Actual results may differ from those projected or expected and no liability for the difference in such expectations or projections and the actual result is accepted by LDAG. Availability and Protection of this website LDAG cannot guarantee a continuous, uninterrupted or error free operation of this website.  There may be periods where the website is unavailable or certain features or content are not functioning.  LDAG may withdraw or suspend parts or all of the website as it deems necessary and without prior notice.  You agree that LDAG will not be liable to you for any such withdrawal of the website or miss-function of any part of the website. LDAG does not take responsibility and shall not be liable for any damages to, or viruses that may infect, your computer or any other property that has been affected due to your access to or use of this website, including the download or opening of any materials contained on the website. Data Protection LDAG will not make use of or pass on any personal information that you have provided on the website or via email, telephone or any other means to any third parties except in connection with any purchase that you enter into and under those circumstances, only to the relevant seller or legal representative that will facilitate the purchase. We collect your data in order to process requests for information or brochures and for sales or marketing purposes.  We will not use or sell on your information to third parties unless we have your permission but will however disclose any details we do possess to any enforcement authorities if asked to do so or as a requirement of the law. Contact from us By submitting your contact details to us, you agree that we can contact you at any time via any method according to the contact details we possess.  You can ask us to cease communication with you at any time. LDAG does not knowingly communicate with anyone that has not willingly agreed to receive such communication.   We have adopted this policy to protect internet users from unsolicited mail.  Please inform us immediately if you receive an unsolicited communication of any sort from us. You can request to opt out of communication from us by emailing info@ldag.net at any time.  Please note, your request may take up to 48 hours to process and therefore you may receive a communication that has been sent to you prior to any opt out request being processed. Cookies Cookies are used on our website.  These cookies will in no way damage your computer or system files.  We use the collected data to identify how visitors use our webpage with the view to improving the performance.
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