US Property Bonds

US Property Bonds are a corporate debenture or loan arrangement. Instead of purchasing a property outright, an investor "loans" an amount of money to a Bond issuing company in return for a pre agreed benefit. The Bond Issuing Company uses these funds to expand their existing business and the proceeds of that business repays the investors according to the pre agreed bond conditions. Investors in the US Property Bonds enjoy attractive fixed yields as well a choice of pre determined exit dates. An independent appraiser is used following purchase and refurbishment to ensure a true bond valuation. All bonds are fully SIPP approved too.

The Bonds are an entirely self-financed investment, which means that no money has been borrowed by the bondholder from third parties to make the purchases. Additionally, investors have the comfort of knowing that their Bonds are fully administered by a long-established UK Trustee Company, Citadel Trustees Limited, which is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). The Trustee holds a lien over the shares of the Bond issuing companies giving assurances to investors.

                • No Registering, filing or paying US taxes
                • No management or tenant issues
                • Fixed income, established at the outset
                • Pre-determined payment dates for income
                • Pre-determined future exit date
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This proposition is an alternative to direct ownership. The same properties in the same managed portfolio are available to purchase outright by individual investors. The Bond offering is an evolution of outright purchase and it is geared towards the Pension investor, the risk adverse investor or those investors who do not have all funds available to purchase a property outright.

PLEASE NOTE - These Bonds have not been registered under the US Securities Act 1933 and they are not being offered, sold or re-sold in the USA or to US citizens and/or persons normally resident in the USA. We do not accept enquiries originating from the United States of America for these bonds.

Bond Calculator

Each Bond has a value of $5000 and the minimum investment is 3 Bonds (US$ 15,000). The maximum is 200 Bonds (US$1,000,000). Please enter the amount you wish to invest, the duration of the bond and what currency you would like to use.

Amount to be invested:
Duration (yrs):
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Invested Amount: Duration:
Period (years) Rate of interest p.a (%) Total interest earned
Total interest over full term:
Total return (total interest + sum invested):
Total return as a % of investment:
Averaged annual return over term:
NOTE - This investment is in $ US. The principal sum invested, interest payments and returned principal sum will all be in $ US. The currency converter is for general guidance only and should not be relied on to forecast on going returns in local currency through the term. The currency converter uses a live feed from Yahoo Finance.
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