Developer Funding

The recent boom in hotel room, student accommodation and storage pod investments has enabled developers to reach out to new markets such as the private investor, ensuring a lifeline for development capital whilst generating healthy yields for investors. This undertaking is only possible with a marketing partner that has the expertise to promote such products on an international scale, ensuring developers can concentrate on their core business and their projects are within easy reach of investors.

By working in conjunction with Landmark Developments AG, developers can be assured that their projects will benefit from targeted marketing campaigns. We understand the importance of capital requirements and cash flow, especially with the constraints on liquidity and accessibility to funding. We are able to design tailor made solutions that are aligned to your needs and use intelligent sales procedures to ensure clients are well informed and have access to quality after sales care.

We welcome all developer enquiries and ask you to email us at or alternatively complete the form on the right.


Whilst we keep most of our sales effort in house there are occasions where a local agent will be better qualified to serve their own local market. We ensure that all sales are maintained to our strict code of sales, provide quality training and insight on the projects. We ensure agents receive any on-going support that is requested and offer competitive packages.

For more information please email us at or alternatively complete the form on the right.

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